Inna de Yard : the Soul of Jamaica

2019 | Musical Documentary | Peter Webber | 99'

Pickpockets - film
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A house filled with old vinyls perches on the hilltops of Kingston, surrounded by the ancient and impressive Jamaican scenery. its terrace overlooking the hills. On this very terrace, legendary voices of reggae unite: Ken Boothe, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus I, Cedric Myton, The Viceroys, and Judy Mowatt. They have known each other forever, and the golden age of reggae has a lot to thank them for.
Now, these legendary musicians want to return to the musical, spiritual and political roots of their art and pass them on to younger generations. It is an artistic, human and political experience that invites the listener to discover the true soul of reggae as well as its most colourful personalities; those who create, perform, and live it, and to whom it represents so much more than just a musical genre.